On March 23, seven Susquehanna County 4-Hers took place in Penn State University’s Spring Dairy Judging Contest. Though it was very cold, Susquehanna County had a “hot” day, and brought home several top awards.
In the junior division, team members Katelyn Supancik, Garrett Peters, and Emory Bewley were third place overall. Emory Bewley was the high individual in the junior contest with a score of 258 out of 300. In the intermediate division, Jamie Supancik did a great job, receiving a 33 on her set of oral reasons. In the senior division, team members Evan Castrogiovanni, Trevor Tompkins, and Emily Supancik were the first-place team overall. Evan Castrogiovanni was the high-scoring individual in the senior contest, and was also the first-place individual in the oral reasons contest, receiving 96 out of a possible 100. Emily Supancik was the fourth individual in the senior competition. Great job to all Susquehanna County 4-H dairy judgers. The Susquehanna County team is coached by Cathy and Owen Bewley, and practices are hosted by JoSan Farms, Joe and Sandy Pavelski.          
Dairy judging is a competition that allows 4-H members to first practice, and then tests their skills at evaluating dairy cattle. Contestants are required to place four dairy animals from first to fourth based on the ideal standards. At Penn State, members evaluated six classes of different aged dairy cattle. Then senior and intermediate contestants have to give “oral reasons” to justify their placing. Dairy judging teaches public speaking and critical thinking, and allows contestants to better understand what a judge may be looking for in their project animals at the local fairs. This competition is open to all 4-Hers, ages 8-18. If you have any questions about dairy judging or Susquehanna County 4-H, please call the Extension Office at 278-1158.